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Spring CM13/CM12.1 Theme

Developer: Nitish Saxena
1.2 usd

Inspired by the seasons of nature, Spring is a clean and beautiful theme for the Cyanogen Theme Engine. It comes with the core framework themed, along with other apps that are being added on an ongoing basis. To use this theme, you must have a custom ROM supporting the new Cyanogen Theme Engine installed on your device.
Once applied, it is advisable to restart your phone for the theme to fully take effect.

• The theme is constantly evolving and I shall try my best to address all issues as soon as they are reported. Please direct all queries or bug reports to the Support Community at
• Due to how the theme has been designed, it might be difficult to support custom DPI configurations.
• Since CM13 is still on nightlies, you can very well expect certain elements to be unthemed. Based on your feedback, I will try my best to fix issues and unthemed elements as soon as I am made aware of them.
• Besides CM, the theme should also work for other popular custom ROMs like Dirty Unicorns, Resurrection Remix etc which provide support for the Cyanogen Theme Engine, although I cannot guarantee it.
I have tried my best to theme their ROM-specific elements. However, since it is impossible to test the theme personally on every ROM, I am dependent on your feedback for further improving the theme.
• The theme ships with 60 beautiful icons from the icon pack called Serenity by Travis Hall. If you're looking for the entire pack, buy it at